Draft Extrude ( Trim or Extend )

The Trimex Command extends an edge along the x or y axis of the current working plane. The Command also functions on faces by extruding them into a 3d shape. It is a 2.5d Operation.

The verbiage used for the tool may be confusing at first. In the tool help it is referred to as Trim or Extend, whereas in the Draft Tool menu it is referred to as the Trimex. When used on a face the result is an extrusion. We will refer to it as Trimex.

When used on a Face the Trimex operation results in the same shape as the Part->Extrude operation.

Trimex a Line

Using Trimex on a line is the most basic using and a great place to get started. The line ( or edge ) can only be extended in the X and Y direction and results a new line. You can not extend a line into a face.

To extend the line:

Select the line.

Select the Trimex tool

Click on the extended or trimmed position along the line.

Trimex a Polyline

The Polyline can be extending on any edge by selecting an edge of the Polyline. The focus will shift based on where your mouse cursor resides. You can lock the operation to the currently selected edge by pressing shift.

The newly formed “wire” will be the endpoint of the polyline.

Extending the ends of a polyline

Trimming the polyline,

Intermediate result with Polyline

In some circumstances your poly-line Trimex operation will seem to have failed.

Double check for the Blue check mark indicating a pending calculation.

Trimex an Arc

Can only be extending in the X and Y direction and results a new Arc. The arc does will not exceed 360 degrees.

Trimex closed Shapes

Using the Trim/Extend tool on a closed shape will always result in a new extrusion. The tool will extrude into a solid if a faced edge is selected and a wire frame if an unfaced edge is selected.

If face=true the following shapes can only be extruded,there is no trimming of 3d shapes via the tool. However an extrusion can be lengthened or shortened via the properties of the extrusion.

  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Ellipse
  • Polygon

If face=false shapes will accept extension along edges but may faile to render.

Trimex on a closed shape face=true

When the working plane is in common with the closed shape.

Rectangle with face.

Select the Rectangle ( Face or Edge )

Select The Trimex Operation

Pres the Z key ( to lock into the Z axis. )

Set the height with the mouse, or type a Distance into the Trim Dialog.

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