Draft Rectangle

Create a rectangle using two points to describe the diagonal.

Step-By-Step Visual

Select Draft Workbench

To create a rectangle in FreeCAD Draft, we simply select two corners of the desired rectangle.

Step 1.) Select Rectangle Tool from the Draft Toolbar

Step 2.) Place your mouse at the desired starting corner. Click once to place the first corner of the Rectangle

Step 3.) Place your mouse at the desired corner representing length and width. Click a second time,

Step-By-Step Date Entry

In most CAD systems it is possible to add geometries via keyboard entry only FreeCAD is no exception. The following sequence will allow you to create an Rectangle from anywhere in FreeCAD.

All of the shortcuts in the Draft workbench are listed in the Menu and in the HOver ToolTip

Step 1. ) Press <<Shift>> and <<D>>

Step 2. ) Press <<R>> the <<E>>

Step 3.) Enter the coordinates of the 1st Corner

Step 4.) Enter the coordinates of the 2nd Corner

NOTE: to enter coordinates, simply type the value after the task dialog for rectangle appears on the left of the screen.

Press enter after each coordinate. The coordinates are accepted in the order X,Y,Z of first corner the X,Y,X of second corner.

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