Sketcher Distance Constraint

Created for 0.19

The Sketcher Distance constraint fixes the distance between two Sketcher geometries.

Generally, it is used to fix the length of a line with a slope. However, it can be used between any two vertices, or vertex and a line.

When used between two vertices, the distance will be the length of the line segment directly between those two vertices.

When used with a line and a vertex it will be the distance from the vertex to the perpendicular point on the line.

Shortcut Key

When in Sketch Edit Mode, use SHIFT-D to add this dimension

Applying the Constraint

The constraint can be applied via selecting a single line and selecting the constraint. After constraint is applied you will be prompted to enter a length.

Additionally, the constrain tool can be activated and hovered over lines or vertices.

To directly apply to vertices, select the tool then click the first vertex then the second vertex. You will then be prompted to enter the dimension.

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