Part Design – Tasks Tab

The Tasks Tab is key part in your journey to understanding FreeCAD. The Tasks Tab lists “Next Step” style tasks that are context sensitive to what you have currently selected in FreeCAD.

When you first open the PartD Design Workbench, for example, in a new Document. Your Tasks Tab will indicate that you need to “Start Part” with the Task – “Create Body” you can click directly on the task to create the body.

Create body, task

The Body will be created and your task list will be updated.

NOTE: The Tree View Panel has been moved so you can see it below the Combo View. This is not the default position.

At this point you can click on the “Create sketch” to continue building a Part. The Sketch will begin being added and you will be prompted in the “Task Tab” with your next option. Select a “feature” to base the sketch on.

After you click “OK” you will be moved into Sketch mode and all the options available will be listed in the Tasks Tab.

You will be in Sketch Edit Mode until you click “Close” in the Tasks Tab.

IMPORTANT: Often you may navigate away from the Tasks Tab without completing a required step. For example, while in sketch edit mode, many operations will be unavailable. If FreeCAD seems “stuck” check your Tasks Tab to see if something is waiting to be finished.

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