Part Design – Sweep Path ( aka Pipe, aka Additive Pipe, aka Subtractive Pipe. )

The Sweep command takes a profile in the form of a sketch, ( or wire ) and it moves that profile along a path to create a solid.

The sweep places the profile at the first point of the selected path and moves it along the path to the endpoint.

The Sweep Tool, ( called Pipe at times ) has a number of features. There are multiple types of transitions for corners and orientation. The sweep path can be sectioned and within those sections different parameters applied.

Let’s try and perform a simple sweep path.

Create a New Document

Open Part Design Workbench

Add a Body

Add a Sketch attached to the XY-Plane

Add a circle with the center constrained at 0,0 on the Sketch axis

Add a second sketch attached to the XZ-Plane

Add an arc to the Sketch with one endpoint of the arc at 0,0 on the Sketch axis. The arc can be any length and the center point whever you choose.

Select the Sweep Tool from the Toolbar.

From the “Select Feature” dialog, select the first sketch you created. It should be named Sketch and have a circle in it.

Apply the sketch selection by clicking Ok in the tasks Dialog.

Now we will need to select the edge to sweep along. Click the “Add Edge” button.

As soon as you select the edge you should see the pipe rendered in as a transparent shape.

Click “Ok” to accept the settings in the “Pipe parameters” dialog.

The pipe will now be rendered as a solid object.

That’s all there is to creating a Sweep Path( aka Pipe )

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