Part Design – Fillet

The Part Design Fillet tool simplifies the process of adding a filled radius to shapes, or features, of our Part Design Body.

This Fillet tool adds a single radius chosen by edge or face. If an edge, or multiple edges are selected the default radius of 1mm will be applied.

The radius can be adjusted during creation or from the Data tab of the properties dialog.

When creating the Radius with the “Fillet Parameters” dialog the fillet will be update as you change the Radius value. This is not true when changing the value from the Data Tab.

Unlike the Part Workbench Fillet, The Part Design Fillet only supports a single constant radius.

When the Radius Doesn’t work. The model ( at the time of writing ) may dis-appear from your screen and there will be a brief message in the status bar. You can get the model to re-appear by reducing the Radius value.

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