Part Design – Chamfer

The Part Design Chamfer tool simplifies the process of adding a chamfered corner to shapes, or features, of our Part Design Body.

The Chamfer tool adds a face to the selected edge or edges of a selected face. The value used is the distance from the selected edge along each face.

Selections for Chamfering

Selecting a Face

If a face ( or faces ) is selected before invoking the chamfer tool the chamfer will be applied to all edges of the face.

Notice the selected face is shown in the list of objects in the Chamfer parameters.

To Add a face click “Add” and then click the face for which you would like the edges chamfered. Currently selected faces will turn purple. Clicking a second face will add it to the list.

Accept the new chamfer by clicking ok and FreeCAD will apply the chamfer to both Faces ( or edges of the faces ).

The removal process is similar click the Remove button to show currently selected Face then click the face to remove it.

Highlighting a Face in the parameters dialog will highlight that face in purple

Selecting an Edge

Single or multiple edges can also be selected to chamfer.

Chamfer Types

The distance used in the chamfer is the distance across the face from either side of the chamfered edge:

Equal Distance

Shown below is a cube with an “Equal Distance chamfer. A Chamfer of 1” results in a cut in 1 inch from each corner, in each direction. Each grid square is equal to one inch in this example.

Two Distances

Shown below is a cube with a “Two Distances chamfer. Distance 1 is 2″ and Distance 2 is 1”. Each grid square is equal to one inch in this example.

Here is a similar chamfer cube with distances shown.

Distance and Angle

This last example uses a two-inch distance and cuts away from the position at 57 Degrees.

It also possible to Stack Chamfers

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