Draft – Ellipse

Creates and Ellipse given 2 corner points of a square or rectangle.

The Draft Ellipse is NOT editable.

The Draft Arc requires only two points to determine it’s construction. Basically, two diagonal corners of a rectangle.

Short Video Demon starting Draft – Ellipse Usage

Step-By-Step Visual Selection

Select Draft workbench

To create an ellipse in FreeCAD-Draft, we create a bounding box, the width of the box equals one radius and the height of the box equals the second radius

Step 1. ) Select Ellipse Tool from Draft Toolbar

Step 2. ) Click once where to set the starting point of the bounding box

Step 3. ) Click once to indicate the ending point of the bounding box.

Step by Step – Data Entry

In most CAD systems it is possible to add geometries via keyboard entry only FreeCAD is no exception. The following sequence will allow you to create an arc from anywhere in FreeCAD.

Make your current Document Active.

Step 1. ) Press <<Shift>> and <<D>>

Step 2.) Press <<E>> then <<L>>

Step 3.) Enter Center Coordinate X Value

Step 4.) Enter Center Coordinate Y Value

Step 5.) Press the <<ENTER>> key to complete the operation

– OR –

Step 5.) Enter Center Coordinate Z Value

( The Z Value will simply offset the ellipse from the current working plane )


By selecting the Continue option you can add multiple Ellipses, without Steps 1 and 2.

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