Arch Door

The Arch Workbench does in fact have a Door. To the uninitiated or perhaps uninformed it seems to be hidden inside the window command.

With an Arch wall select it is possible to add a door using the window command, this is how you can complete this task.

With your wall selected and your Draft working plane set to the bottom of the wall plate. ( Often this is just the “Top” default in the Working Plane Tool .)

Select the approriate Draft Snaps, I am using Endpoint, MidPoint and working plane.

Select the wall from the model tree, and select the Window Tool. Some of th settings will need changing before we place the “Window”

From the Preset combo-box select “Simple door”

There are no defaults, currently, for door height, so we will have to change the Height. Below the image of the window you can type in the height of the “Window”. My door will be 6′ 8″

I am entering 6’8″. As soon as I take focus off the Height box the value is converted to 2032 mm. Notice how the window now looks a little like a door.

Now we can position the door on the wall. The “Plane Snap” will keep the door at the bottom of the wall, and in this case, I am using the mid-point snap to put the door in the middle. We can re-position the door later if needed

Moving a Door

We can move a door using the Draft move tool.

Set working plane to the face of the Wall

Select the Door then select the Draft move tool.

General I grab the door by the bottom middle using the Center Snap tool

Press X, to restrict the Axis, and position the door along the wall.

Doors can be pretty easy to move around once you get the knack of the various Draft Snap tools and the Draft move tool.

Hole Depth Issue

When you add an object to a wall, like a window or door. The Arch workbench cuts a whole in that object. The default hole “depth” is set to zero. Arch actually cuts through any object that is within this depth. Think of it a the Z direction of the object you are placing.

Occasionally, the door ( or window ) will cut a hole in the opposing wall. This is controlled by the “Hole Depth” property. By default it is set to 0 which indicates to FreeCAD this should be calculated opening. Changing the property can control what the hole cuts through.

Good Luck!

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments !

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