• Sketcher Constraint Tangent

    The Sketcher Tangent Constraint restricts a line or point to Tangent position on a circular edge.

  • Sketcher Constraint Parallel

    The Sketcher Parallel Constraint sets two lines equidistant from each edge along the same axis.

  • Sketcher Constraint Horizontal

    Written for Version 0.19 The Sketcher Horizontal Constraint fixes the Y Axis value of two or more Points ( vertex_) to be equal to each other. The two vertices are […]

  • Sketcher Constraint Vertical

    The Sketcher Vertical Distance Constraint fixes the distance of a single point from an edge or point.

  • Sketcher Constraint Fix

    The Sketcher Fix Constraint locks a point onto an Object. The “Fix a Point to an Object” attaches a vertex to an edge. Qualifiying Edges: Line Circle Arc Ellipse No-Qulaifying […]

  • Sketcher Constraint Coincident

    The Sketcher Coincident Constraint sets the co-ordinates of two or more points (vertices) to the same X,Y position on the Sketch. The constraint can be applied to two pre-selected vertices […]

  • Sketcher Lock Constraint

    The lock constraint uses Vertical and Horizontal distance constraints to lock a vertex into position.

  • Sketcher – Overview

    The Sketcher workbench is a 2D used to create drawings that will be made into 3d features. The Sketcher Workbench can be used directly or in concert with the Part […]

  • Sketcher Tools

    When the Sketcher Workbench is activet you will be able to select the sketcher tools from the “Sketch” menu item. The tools in Sketcher tools Select solver DoFs Close Shape […]