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  • Part Design – Fillet

    The Part Design Fillet tool simplifies the process of adding a filled radius to shapes, or features, of our Part Design Body. This Fillet tool adds a single radius chosen […]

  • Part Design – Sweep ( aka Pipe, aka Additive Pipe, aka Subtractive Pipe. )

    The Sweep command takes a profile in the form of a sketch, ( or wire ) and it moves that profile along a path to create a solid. The sweep […]

  • Part Design WorkBench – Loft

    The Part Design Loft command will join two sketches to create a solid. The loft creates faces between two shapes with compatible edges. The edges need to form a face. […]

  • Part Design – Revolve

    The revolve tool in the Part Design Workbench creates a solid from a sketch or draft wire. This is accomplished by “extruding” around an axis. To use the Part Design […]

  • Part Design – make a Pocket ( Hole )

    This activity is likely the second most important lesson in Part Design. How to create a hole in the Active Body. Once we have a Padded body, or a body […]

  • Sketcher Slot

    The Sketcher Slot adds a slot to the Sketch using two endpoints. The second endpoint sets the length of the slot and the radius of the Slot ends.

  • Sketcher Line

    The Sketcher Line adds a single edge to the sketch using a Point to locate the beginning and ending vertices

  • Sketcher Circle

    The Sketcher Circle adds a circle to the Sketch using on of two modes. The circle can be added using a center point to locate the circle and a rim […]

  • Sketcher Arc

    The Sketcher Arc add an arc to the Sketch using on of two modes. The arc can be added using a center point to locate the arc and a rim […]

  • Sketcher Point

    The Sketcher Point adds a single Point to the Sketch