Beginner Series

  • Sketcher Constraints an Intro

    What is a Constraint? A Constraint fixes a geometry to the coordinate system or another geometry in some way. Geometries can be constrained by length, or using lengths constrained to […]

  • Part Design – Map a Sketch to a Face

    In sketch based modelling, sketches are attached, or placed on the face to which they will ad or subtract the feature the sketch is modeling. Mapping a sketch to a […]

  • Part Design – Simple Pipe Tutorial

    This simple tutorial will walk through creating a pipe in the Part Design Workbench using additive and subtractive tools. The tutorial is meant to teach the Additive and Subtractive tools […]

  • Part Design – Your First Sketch

    In FreeCAD, as many other CAD systems, we use Sketches to draw out features of a 3D shape. When the feature is defined we use a 3d tool like Pad […]

  • Part Design – Tasks Tab

    The Tasks Tab is key part in your journey to understanding FreeCAD. The Tasks Tab lists “Next Step” style tasks that are context sensitive to what you have currently selected […]

  • Part Design – Body ( Active Body )

    What is a Body and How is it used in FreeCAD? The “Body” in FreeCAD is a type of container. Ideally it is contained within a Part but as of […]

  • Part Design – Extrude ( Pad)

    Part Design Uses the term  Pad in place of Extrude. The Pad function can be executed from one of three places in the Interface From the Main Menu. With the […]

  • Settings – Changing Unit of Measure

    How to change the Unit of Measure in FreeCAD ? NOTE: These intructions where written using the FreeCAD Daily Build version: 0.19 FreeCAD has it’s general preferences in the “Preferences” […]

  • Your First Part Design Object

    Concept of Part Design Workbench The idea behind the “Part Design Workbench” is to create a single contiguous part. More specifically a single object. The object may have many “features” […]

  • Understanding the user interface.

    Create or Open a document The “File” Menu is a the classic file menu. There are only a few options you need to get going. Some of these will also […]