Part – Solids

  • Part – Wedge

    The Wedge is a “Parametrized Geometric Primitive” Using 9 parameters to define the orientation of all 6 sides of the wedge. You can find the official documentation here: In […]

  • Part – Torus

    “Creates a Torus solid”

  • Part – Prism

  • Part – Ellipsoid

  • Part – Cone

  • Part – Sphere

  • Part – Cylinder

    The Cylinder is drawn with the origin on the lower plane, at the center. The cylinder is placed at the global origin. Shown in th document history tree as a […]

  • Part – Cube

    The “Part-Cube” tool – “Create a cube solid” The Part Cube Tool adds a cube solid to the document. The cube added is by default 10mm x 10mm x 10mm. […]