• Sketcher – Toggle Constraint

    Temporarily Activate or Deactivate a constraint. The Toggle Constraint tool gives us the option to leave a constraint in our model and deactivating the constraint. Often a constraint is deleted […]

  • Sketcher Regular Polygon

    The Sketcher Regular Polygon Tool lets you add the first six regular polygons with specific tools. The seventh tool lets you add an n-sided polygon. Included Predefined Regular Polygons: Triangle […]

  • Part Design – Adding a Sketch to a Face

    This Tutorial is Written using FreeCAD 0.19. It will likely not work with other/previous versions. One of the easiest ways to build up a Part in FreeCADs Part Design workbench […]

  • Sketcher Slot

    The Sketcher Slot adds a slot to the Sketch using two endpoints. The second endpoint sets the length of the slot and the radius of the Slot ends.

  • Sketcher Circle

    The Sketcher Circle adds a circle to the Sketch using on of two modes. The circle can be added using a center point to locate the circle and a rim […]

  • Sketcher Arc

    The Sketcher Arc add an arc to the Sketch using on of two modes. The arc can be added using a center point to locate the arc and a rim […]

  • Sketcher Line

    The Sketcher Line adds a single edge to the sketch using a Point to locate the beginning and ending vertices

  • Sketcher Point

    The Sketcher Point adds a single Point to the Sketch

  • Sketcher Polyline

    The Sketcher Poly-line tools enable the use of multiple lines constrained with the coincident constraint. If you are designing a complex polygonal shape with many lines and a contiguous area […]

  • Sketcher B-Spline

    The B-Spline has two modes B-Spline by Control Points Periodic B-Spline by Control Points The B-Spline forms a curved segment that may have two endpoints. The Periodic B-Spline will always […]