• Draft Snap – Parallel

    Snaps the selection icon to a Parallel point on an edge. The tool shows the snap icon when the current edge being draw is parallel to another compatible edge. Observations: […]

  • Draft Snap – Extension

    The Draft Snapping tool – Extension, snaps to the extension of a line segment. When the snap tool becomes active you will see an ellipses icon appear next to the […]

  • Draft – Facebinder

    The Draft Facebinder Tool takes multiple faces from single or multiple geometries and creates a new linked face from the selected faces. For Detailed Information including Python Coding Details see: […]

  • Draft – Ellipse

    Creates and Ellipse given 2 corner points of a square or rectangle. The Draft Ellipse is NOT editable. The Draft Arc requires only two points to determine it’s construction. Basically, […]

  • Draft – Measure a Diameter

    Some of the Draft Measure tools can be a little evasive to understand. Draft diameter is one of them. In order to get a diameter you must pre-select a curve. […]

  • Draft Polygon

    Draw a regular polygon using the center and radius.

  • Draft Snap Ortho

    Ortho Snap, is an angular snapping tool. It provides snapping points at angle increments of 45 Degrees. This snapping tool will show a “Plus” sign when near a snapping point. […]

  • Draft Snap Nearest

    The Draft Snap nearest command is similar to point on edge. Or coincident. It is a loosely defined snap for use when an extent is the only constraining factor.

  • Draft Rectangle

    Create a rectangle using two points to describe the diagonal. Step-By-Step Visual Select Draft Workbench To create a rectangle in FreeCAD Draft, we simply select two corners of the desired […]

  • Draft Ellipse

    Create an Ellipse using opposing corners of the circumscribed rectangle.