• Draft Modification Tools Toolbar

    The Draft modification toolbar is used to modify items created using the Draft Workbench. Primarily desing to operate in a 2.5D Space, the Draft modification Toolbar ( and tools ) […]

  • Draft Creation Tools Toolbar

    To add geometries to a design we can turn to the Draft Creation Tools. The toolbar gives access to all the geometries available in the Draft Workbench, as well as […]

  • Sketcher Tools Toolbar

    The Sketcher Tools Toolbar provides functions to manipulate items within the sketch. There are more tools available from the tool menu, only the most used are included in the toolbar. […]

  • Workbench Toolbar

  • File Toolbar

    The file toolbar is more of the document management set of tools. Document level activities are found in this toolbar. File Management New Open Save Print Edit Tools Cut Copy […]

  • Solid Toolbar

  • Measure Toolbar

    The Measure Toolbar exposes the basic tools to make in drawing measurements. Basic measurements can be made using two geometries. The measurements made with this tool are linked to the […]

  • Structure Toolbar