• Your First Part Design Object

    Concept of Part Design Workbench The idea behind the “Part Design Workbench” is to create a single contiguous part. More specifically a single object. The object may have many “features” […]

  • Create a FreeCAD Workbench – InitGui.py

    This class gets run when your workbench gets loaded. It defines which commands your workbench contains, it’s toolbar and all the names. Class Level Variables There are three class level […]

  • Understanding the user interface.

    Create or Open a document The “File” Menu is a the classic file menu. There are only a few options you need to get going. Some of these will also […]

  • Getting Started

    Obtaining the software FreeCAD is available in many forms. The most reliable place to get the current release is starting at FreeCADWeb.org The download page prominently displays the current release. […]

  • Part Design Workbench

    The Part Design Workbench is focused on the creation of single contiguous parts consisting of one or more bodies. Three Deminsional parts are constructed using Two Dimensional Sketches as well […]

  • Drafting

    Draft Objects The Working Plane Draft Object Snap

  • Sketching

    Sketch Commands and Geometries Sketch Constraints Sketch Actions

  • The FreeCAD Interface

    Window Panel Views Working Area Combo View Property View Tree View Report Panel Python Console

  • Installing FreeCAD

    This Tutorial will teach you how to install FreeCAD Windows Mac Linux

  • FreeCAD.info

    An Online resource for FreeCAD Users.