• Arch Pipe

    The Pipe command is a simple tool to create representative piping. It use only edges and will create joints at common vertices. Lines, Wires and Edges are viable for pipes. […]

  • Arch Door

    The Arch Workbench does in fact have a Door. To the uninitiated or perhaps uninformed it seems to be hidden inside the window command. With an Arch wall select it […]

  • Arch Stairs Command

    The Arch Stairs command adds “Stairs” based on the length and direction of a selected edge. The stair command can use edges from the Sketch Work Bench or Draft Workbench. […]

  • Arch Basic House – Getting a Result

    These are the setting used in the linked video. To change preferences, Select from the Main Menu Edit->Preferences. In the general category, Imperial units specifically formatted for building. In Draft […]

  • Arch Workbench – Simple Wall Tutorial

    The Arch Workbench can be confusing, taking it a piece at a time with the most simple constructions can help to flatten the learning curve. The Arch work bench is […]

  • Arch Workbench – Rebar Tool ( from an Arch Noob )

    The ReBar tool simplifies the process of adding reinforcing bars to structural objects in the arch workbench. The Re-Bar tool uses a Mapped Sketch for input and requires a Structural […]

  • Arch Structure

    The Arch Structure Command adds a Structure object to your model. The structure is a component of the building.

  • Arch Reinforcement Bar

    The Arch Reinforcement Bar adds Re-Bar to a selected face, for use within the Arch Workbench. The Re-Bar tool is tightly integrated to Arch but it is in fact a distinct entity

  • Arch Wall Command

    The Arch Wall Command adds a wall object to your model. If a qualifying entity is selected ( wire, edge, line ) the wall command will construct the wall based […]

  • Arch Survey Command

    The arch survey tool is used to collect information about your architectural design. The tool does not add elements to your drawing/model. It is used to collect and output data. […]