Building Components Tools

  • Arch Pipe

    The Pipe command is a simple tool to create representative piping. It use only edges and will create joints at common vertices. Lines, Wires and Edges are viable for pipes. […]

  • Arch Door

    The Arch Workbench does in fact have a Door. To the uninitiated or perhaps uninformed it seems to be hidden inside the window command. With an Arch wall select it […]

  • Arch Wall Command

    The Arch Wall Command adds a wall object to your model. If a qualifying entity is selected ( wire, edge, line ) the wall command will construct the wall based […]

  • Arch Structure

    The Arch Structure Command adds a Structure object to your model. The structure is a component of the building.

  • Arch Roof Command

    The Arch Roof Command adds a Building Object to the architectural model. The Roof Object is an entity. The Roof object is an industrial style roof entity, but can be […]

  • Arch Window

    The Arch Window Command adds a Window as a sub-element of a Wall. The Window Command includes functionality for setting the window type, location and size. Basic Use: 1.) To […]