• Draft Workbench – Measure a Diameter

    Some of the Draft Measure tools can be a little evasive to understand. Draft diameter is one of them. In order to get a diameter you must pre-select a curve. […]

  • Draft Snap Nearest

  • Draft Arc

    Creates a circular curved edge ( arc ) given a center point, a radius and the start of the arc and the end point of the arc. The Draft Arc […]

  • Draft Ellipse

    Create an Ellipse using opposing corners of the circumscribed rectangle.

  • Draft Polygon

    Draw a regular polygon using the center and radius.

  • Draft Rectangle

    Create a recangle using two points to describe the diagonal.

  • Draft Snap Ortho

  • Draft Point

    Add a single point.

  • Draft Shapestring

    Add formatted Text defined by edges

  • Draft Facebinder