Draft Shapes

  • Draft – Ellipse

    Creates and Ellipse given 2 corner points of a square or rectangle. The Draft Ellipse is NOT editable. The Draft ARc requires only twwo points to determine it’s construction. Basically, […]

  • Draft Arc

    Creates a circular curved edge ( arc ) given a center point, a radius and the start of the arc and the end point of the arc. The Draft Arc […]

  • Draft Ellipse

    Create an Ellipse using opposing corners of the circumscribed rectangle.

  • Draft Rectangle

    Create a recangle using two points to describe the diagonal.

  • Draft B-Spline

    Create a BSpline curve, a elliptical curved edge with multiple nodes.

  • Draft Bezier

    Create a Bezier curve, an elliptical curved edge with wieghted nodes.