Draft Tools

  • Draft – Measure a Diameter

    Some of the Draft Measure tools can be a little evasive to understand. Draft diameter is one of them. In order to get a diameter you must pre-select a curve. […]

  • Draft Mirror

  • Draft Stretch

  • Draft Array

    Create multiple copies of a Draft object in a circular pattern or rectangular pattern

  • Draft Clone

    Create a linked copy of a draft ( or other object )

  • Draft Edit

    The Draft Edit Tool places the selected object into edit mode. Draft Edit mode allows the vertices of Edges to be be repositioned. Edges are inclusive of all Draft Shapes. […]

  • Draft Extrude ( Trim or Extend )

    The Trimex Command extends an edge along the x or y axis of the current working plane. The Command also functions on faces by extruding them into a 3d shape. […]