• FreeCAD FEM Solver

    This post will cover the Calculix solver used in conjunction with FreeCAD

  • FEM Mechanical Constraints

    The FEM Mechanical Constraints tool-set is used to define the forces that will be applied under the particular analysis. The mechanical constraints available at the time of writing are as […]

  • FEM Solver

    The FEM Solver manages the Solver used within an Analysis to create and preview the results.

  • FEM Mesh

    The FEM Mesh Toolbar is used to create the Mesh that will be operated on by the Solver. To create a mesh you can select a shape, then select the […]

  • FEM Workbench – Getting Started

    Quick Start FreeCADweb.org Wiki FreeCAD Forum – FEM Pre-Requisites The FEM Articles are a Work in progress. Check back as they get updated over the next few weeks. The FreeCAD […]