• Draft Rotate

    How to Rotate Items in the Draft Workbench

  • TechDraw Clips Toolbar

    The TechDraw Clips Toolbar provides easy access to the tools available in the TechDraw workbench, for working with “Clip Groups” The Clip Group tools are: Insert a Clip Group Add […]

  • TechDraw Views Toolbar

    The TechDraw Views toolbar provides access to tools that let you add, and manipulate the views within a drawing.

  • TechDraw Dimensions Toolbar

    The TechDraw Dimensions Toolbar provides east access to add dimensional elements to your drawing.

  • Draft Snap Toolbar

    This toolbar is available from the Draft Workbench. The tools in the toolbar allow the user to snap selections to various attributes of a geometry, during a Draft operation. Some […]

  • Boolean Toolbar

    The Boolean Toolbar is part of the “Part Workbench” ( Not to be confused with the “Part Design Workbench.”) The Boolean Toolbar executes various boolean operations on two “shapes” at […]

  • Tech Draw – Insert a View

    Views in TechDraw refer to the representation of a 3D object on the drawing page. This gives us the opportunity to add measurements, annotations and other Engineering Drawing features. The […]

  • Part Design Workbench

    The Part Design Workbench is focused on the creation of single contiguous parts consisting of one or more bodies. Three Deminsional parts are constructed using Two Dimensional Sketches as well […]