• Part Design – Shape binder

    How to link Sketches, Edges and Faces to Another Sketch ( without formulas. ) For a careful fully detailed explanation of the Shape Binder head over to: https://wiki.freecadweb.org/PartDesign_ShapeBinder. The article […]

  • Part Design – Map a Sketch to a Face

    In sketch based modelling, sketches are attached, or placed on the face to which they will ad or subtract the feature the sketch is modeling. Mapping a sketch to a […]

  • Part Design – Subtractive Groove ( Revolution )

    The Subtractive Groove uses a Sketch to remove material from a Body. The selected sketch is rotated around an axis and removes material that it intersects. To complete a successful […]

  • Part Design – Origins, Placements and Positioning.

    Part 1 – Sketches and Bodies. Positioning objects in FreeCAD can become confusing, when the Objects origins are not clear. This can become confused by the fact that there are […]

  • Create a FreeCAD Workbench – InitGui.py

    This class gets run when you workbench gets loaded. It defines which commands your workbench contains, it’s toolbar and all the names. Class Level Variables There are three class level […]

  • Getting Started

    This post is a work in progress check back soon! Obtaining the software FreeCAD is available in many forms. The most reliable place to get the current release is starting […]

  • Create a FreeCAD Workbench – Command Class

    The Command Class is intended to be setup and called by the InitGui.py of your workbench make sure you have created this class first. The “Command” Class When called the […]

  • Understanding the user interface.

    Create or Open a document The “File” Menu is a the classic file menu. There are only a few options you need to get going. Some of these will also […]

  • Part Design – Tasks Tab

    The Tasks Tab is key part in your journey to understanding FreeCAD. The Tasks Tab lists “Next Step” style tasks that are context sensitive to what you have currently selected […]

  • Part Design – Body ( Active Body )

    What is a Body and How is it used in FreeCAD? The “Body” in FreeCAD is a type of container. Ideally it is contained within a Part but as of […]