• Sketcher Constraints an Intro

    What is a Constraint? A Constraint fixes a geometry to the coordinate system or another geometry in some way. Geometries can be constrained by length, or using lengths constrained to […]

  • Arch Workbench – Simple Wall Tutorial

    The Arch Workbench can be confusing, taking it a piece at a time with the most simple constructions can help to flatten the learning curve. The Arch work bench is […]

  • Arch Workbench – Rebar Tool ( from an Arch Noob )

    The ReBar tool simplifies the process of adding reinforcing bars to structural objects in the arch workbench. The Re-Bar tool uses a Mapped Sketch for input and requires a Structural […]

  • Part Design – Shape binder

    How to link Sketches, Edges and Faces to Another Sketch ( without formulas. ) For a careful fully detailed explanation of the Shape Binder head over to: https://wiki.freecadweb.org/PartDesign_ShapeBinder. The article […]

  • Part Design – Map a Sketch to a Face

    In sketch based modelling, sketches are attached, or placed on the face to which they will ad or subtract the feature the sketch is modeling. Mapping a sketch to a […]

  • Part Design – Subtractive Groove ( Revolution )

    The Subtractive Groove uses a Sketch to remove material from a Body. The selected sketch is rotated around an axis and removes material that it intersects. To complete a successful […]

  • Part Design – Origins, Placements and Positioning.

    Part 1 – Sketches and Bodies. Positioning objects in FreeCAD can become confusing, when the Objects origins are not clear. This can become confused by the fact that there are […]

  • Part Design – “Draft on Face” Tutorial.

    The “Draft on Face” tool is similar to a chamfer. Some of the differences are in how it is constructed. The Draft is applied to a single face and the […]

  • Part Design – Simple Pipe Tutorial

    This simple tutorial will walk through creating a pipe in the Part Design Workbench using additive and subtractive tools. The tutorial is meant to teach the Additive and Subtractive tools […]

  • Create a FreeCAD Workbench – Command Code

    This article will be referring to the code run from the Command Class as the “Command Code.” I the code included, the execute command adds a simple shape to the […]