Sketcher Constraints

  • Sketcher – Toggle Constraint

    Temporarily Activate or Deactivate a constraint. The Toggle Constraint tool gives us the option to leave a constraint in our model and deactivating the constraint. Often a constraint is deleted […]

  • Sketcher Vertical Distance Constraint

    for version 0.19 The Vertical Distance Constraint fixes a vertex a certain distance on the Y axis, of the sketch, from a second vertex or line. Qualifying Elements: Two Vertices […]

  • Sketcher Distance Constraint

    Created for 0.19 The Sketcher Distance constraint fixes the distance between two Sketcher geometries. Generally, it is used to fix the length of a line with a slope. However, it […]

  • Sketcher Diameter Constraint

    The sketcher Diameter Constraint fixes the diameter of a circular curve. The curve can be a Circle or an Arc.

  • Sketcher Constraint Symmetry

    The Symmetry Constraint aligns the two sketcher points ( vertex ) equidistant from a central line ( edge ) or point. The Symmetry Constraint adds additional constraints by nature of […]

  • Sketcher Constraint Horizontal

    Written for Version 0.19 The Sketcher Horizontal Constraint fixes the Y Axis value of two or more Points ( vertex_) to be equal to each other. The two vertices are […]

  • Sketcher Constraint Parallel

    The Sketcher Parallel Constraint sets two lines equidistant from each edge along the same axis.

  • Sketcher Constraint Tangent

    The Sketcher Tangent Constraint restricts a line or point to Tangent position on a circular edge.