Part Design – Revolve

The revolve tool in the Part Design Workbench creates a solid from a sketch or draft wire. This is accomplished by “extruding” around an axis.

To use the Part Design Revolve you will need something to revolve. The tool operates with a 2D closed shape. In this example we can use a Sketch.

Using the previous lessons, create a sketch with a reactangle as shown:

For our purposes the rectangle only needs to be fully closed. Make certain it is offset from the Y axis, we will be revolving around that axis.

When you have the sketch complete, select the sketch in your Model Tree. Then click the revolve a sketch tool.

FreeCAD Part Design Revolve Tool

The default Axis of rotation is the “Vertical sketch axis”, this is the Y axis when you are creating the sketch.

The revolve tools gives you the ability to create a revolved solid around just about any line that could be considered an axis. In part design you are generally limited to items within the scope of the Body.

Next set the Angle. The angle refers to the arc section the revolve will travel. If you put in 90 degrees, the revolve will be one quarter of the revolved circle.

If you select symmetric to the plane, the Arc of the revolution will be split an half will start before the plane and half after.

The reversed option changes the direction to which the revolve will be extruded.

The revolution is fairly simple. Just understand that you are rotating the whole Sketch around an Axis of your choosing.

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