Boolean Toolbar

The Boolean Toolbar is part of the “Part Workbench” ( Not to be confused with the “Part Design Workbench.”)

The Boolean Toolbar executes various boolean operations on two “shapes” at a time. Complex operations can be completed by chaining boolean operations.

Below you will find an example of each Boolean operation and the resulting shapes. ( Not all inclusive. )

Boolean “Cut” – Results in a Cut

Remove material or “Cut” one shape using a second shape.

Boolean Cut

Boolean Union – Results in a Fusion

Create a shape that combines all of the two selected shapes.

Boolean Union

Boolean Intersection – Results in a Common

Create a shape that includes only the overlapping portions of the two selected shapes.

Boolean Intersection

The command names differ from what is shown in the Object Tree. however, the icons are consistent.

Boolean Results

Boolean XOR – Results in an XOR

Create a shape that removes any overlapping material of the two selected shapes.

Boolean XOR

Exploded Slice – Results in Slice.0 and Slice.1

Create two shapes from a Cut shape. The two shapes will be the separated from the intersection of the cutting object. Each of the exploded slices can be operated on individually.

Make Compound – Results in a Compound Object

This creates a single object from two shapes. This is similar to Union.


Connects two walled shapes at their intersection while keeping the union. Good for making piping connections.

Boolean Connect


Remove the intersection of a walled object, similar to cut.

Boolean Cutout


Join two walled objects together. Inner voids may end up obstructed.

Boolean Embed

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