Draft Modification Tools Toolbar

The Draft modification toolbar is used to modify items created using the Draft Workbench. Primarily desing to operate in a 2.5D Space, the Draft modification Toolbar ( and tools ) relies on the idea of a working plane. It is however not restricted to only the working plane, with some exceptions.

Draft Move

The Four way arrow icon for the Draft move tool allows the user to move a Drafted object around on the draft plane or anywhere in the 3 dimensional space using snap points. The Draft move is operated with 3 selection actions. First the object to be moved is selected, next from where the object is moved, and lastly, to where the object is moved. The second two can also be relative to the object being moved.

Draft Rotate

Draft rotate is best used within two dimensiona at a time, although it can be used to rotate freely in space. It is operated with 4 selections. First the object to be rotated must be select, next the center of rotation, the starting angle is selected third and finally the final angle is selected. The angles can also be entereed directly.

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