Sketcher Constraint Symmetry

The Symmetry Constraint aligns the two sketcher points ( vertex ) equidistant from a central line ( edge ) or point.

The Symmetry Constraint adds additional constraints by nature of the selected element. A Symmetry Constraint using a symmetry line will be perpendicular to the symmetry line.

When using a symmetry point the line will maintain its slope.

Qualifying Elements

  • 2 Points and a Symmetry Line
    • Sketch line
    • Sketch Construction Line
    • Y or X Sketch Axis ( Pre-Selection only )
  • 2 Points and a Symmetry Point

Using the Constraint to Select the Elements.

With no geometries selected if you click the Constraint tool your cursor will be updated with the Symmetry icon. When you hove over a vertex the icon will remain unchanged and that vertex can be used for the constraint.

When you hover over an axis however the tool shows the exclusion circle.

You can however select a second line for symmetry.

Pre-Selecting Constraints

In order to use an Axis for your symmetry line, you must select the line and two symmetry points then activate the constraint.

The First selected point will be will determine where the symmetry line is situated. Shown below is symmetry applied by selected the leftmost vertex first. The line is moved into position in alignment with that vertex. The symmetry is applied by selecting the rightmost vertex first. The line is moved into position using the rightmost vertex.

Using a Point for Symetry

Symmetry can be applied around a vertex by selecting three vertices. The Symmetry Vertex MUST be select LAST.

Using a Symmetry Point has more flexibility, the line can be symmetrical at any slope.

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