Arch Pipe

The Pipe command is a simple tool to create representative piping. It use only edges and will create joints at common vertices. Lines, Wires and Edges are viable for pipes. Curved edges, Polygons and B-Splines can not be used for Pipes.

The pipe does not create openings in walls.

Using a Poly-line

If you use a Wire or a Polyline the Pipe command will automatically add corners. Keep in mind that a corner is not the same as a connector.

If you draw a polyline ( wire ) and select it as a pipe, the pipe will have a bend but it will be a zero radius bend.

It is not possible to add a connector to these bend points.


The same poly-line constructed with individual lines and Connectors added. Notice how each line has a pipe and there are four connectors in the tree.

The individual lines are used to create pipes and connected pipes are selected to create connectors.

The individual pipes created by lines do not form “bends” as is the case with poly-lines.

When Connectors are added the pipes are shortened to accommodate for the connector lengths

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